Problem about deadlock

Hi all,
I started work with openCascade at my new company. We are developing some design tool using QT and C++ for engineers. We have some 3d shapes and when we create them and tie them or etc. Randomly, application stops and we suspect that its about graphic card that is Nvidia Quadro K4000. Because it happens frequently with that graphic card.

Have you ever face with this problem?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi again,
When I updated to driver of graphic card, it happens less common.

Does anyone know about that kind of problem?


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Dear Berkay,
We have not faced such kind of trouble on our workstations as far as I know.
The problem may be caused by hardware problem if it is reproduced only on a single workstation.
Best regards

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Thanks for reply. It actually happens frequently on same graphic card( Nvidia Quadro K4000). I think it can be related to that.


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Hi Berkay,

I can confirm strange visualization effects depending on the driver version/selected profile etc.

Have a look here:

Unfortunately, I don't have any solution...


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Hi Pawel,

Thanks for your answer. At least problem is known then I may follow Sergey's approach. For now, updating driver seems solved problem or reduced happening.

If you discovered anything about situation. Could you share please? Of course, I'll do same.