problem about edit topology trough both "reshape" or duplicate methods

i want to edit arbitrary vertex of a arbitrary shape just like what has been discussed
and here:

and i can edit vertex on an edge now, use the method in
thanks for Pawel and all other people contributing for this problem.

but there is a problem, when i move a vertex to another location, previous face(i mean plane here) with this point usually will not be a plane now. thats a problem for both "reshape" or duplicate mechanism. anyone has any idea about this?

thanks for any help.

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Hi li,

you could convert your plane into a nurbs curve and then modify the control point.


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thanks very much Pawel:

its a good idea, i will try it.

however it seems the modified face will be a curved surface, isn't it? if so , what should i do if i want to keep all faces as planes? split the face ? how ? i even don't know which edges form the new faces.