Problem: AIX, IRIX and HP-UX Compilation Scripts

The current CVS repository contains a directory for each of these platforms, but the scripts for these three platforms do not work.
Under AIX, the *.lnk scripts look for a file libName.a but the scripts don't build these files.   Not a serious problem but the scripts should work "out of the box" on a user's machine.
Under IRIX the scripts assume the existence of a linker input file Name.ObjList which is not currently created by the scrips and has the path explicitly defined in the script.
-objectlist /adv_20/KAS/C40/ros/sil/obj/.tmp//TKernel.ObjList
Under HP-UX the same problem that IRIX has is present, and in addition to that, many of the scripts have no compile commands, just "cd" commands.
boreas::/boreas/CAS3.0/adm/AIX (105)% cat ../HP-UX/FWOSDriver.comp
echo 'Compiling FWOSDriver'
mkdir -p ${CASROOT}/HP-UX/obj/FWOSDriver >& /dev/null
pushd ${CASROOT}/HP-UX/obj/FWOSDriver >& /dev/null
cd /adv_20/KAS/C40/ros/hp/obj/.tmp/
cd /adv_20/KAS/C40/ros/hp/obj/.tmp/
cd /adv_20/KAS/C40/ros/hp/obj/.tmp/
popd >& /dev/null

I would like to encourage the developers to test for these problems and to rapidly check in the fixes when they find them.  This way those of us working outside of Matra can have the benefit as soon as possible.

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The original set of .comp files and .lnk file was designed to work only on Linux and SunOS platforms. To efficently fix the problem for linkers that use a file containing a list of object names is to modify the initial script (as done for SunOS ans Linux ) and to publish the modified list of object itself. I will try to fix this as soon as possible.

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The script files are now corrected . The CVS repository is updated .

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