Problem with BRepTools::Read


I have a problem with BRepTools::Read using an istream:
The following line works perfect. So far so good.

TopoDS_Shape ashape;
BRep_Builder B1;
Standard_Boolean result = BRepTools::Read(ashape,"D:/test/edge.brep",B1);

I copied the follwing lines from the code of BRepTools::Read

BRep_Builder B;
filebuf fb;
istream in(&fb);"D:/test/edge.brep", ios::in)

BRepTools_ShapeSet SS(B);

Ang here the function crashes at SS.Read. I even cant examine wich kind of exception is thrown. I tried it with several brep files, always the same result.
I can´t understand the reason, because both cases use the same functions.

Any help would be apreciated


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Did you compile your Project with the same compiler the Open Cascade Library has been built with?
Passing an istream to a library which has been built with another compiler-version of the c++-library can cause a problem.

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Thanks for that hint. You might be right! My Project is compiled with VS11 but the OCC library is still a VS9 compilation. I will check that!

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using the same Compiler finaly solved the problem! Thanks!