Problem with ComputeSelection method... Please hlp

Hello !

Has somebody in idea how to use the ComputeSelection method in code? My problem is:

First i want to set points on screen, afterthat i want to move this points to another
place, for that i need to pick this points, so far as i know i can do this
with the SelectMgr_Selection class,...How the ComputeSelection method has to look like and where i have to include it - does someone has an example to show it?

TopoDS_Shell aShell = BRepBuilderAPI_MakeShell(bezier);
Handle(AIS_Shape) ashape = new AIS_Shape(aShell);

thanks in advance...


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Hello Taxidriver (nice name)
Have you tried using AIS_Shape with a TopoDS_Compound of points? If you need your own AIS class, just look at the source code of AIS_Shape::ComputeSelection, you will have a good starting point for your own implementation.

Good Luck,