problem in configuration of OCC 5.2

hi, all

i am a very newbee on OCC, i just installed the OCC 5.2 and try to confirgure it. the munual says "Before compilation, you must define a path (menu Tools/Option, tab Directories of MS Visual Studio) to the include and library files of Tcl, Tk, Tix and have Java installed on your station. For building samples make sure paths to Qt and Fltk are also added."

so my problem is if Tcl, Tk, Tix and Java are MUST, i installed them, but i dont have any idea if i install them correctly and confirgure correctly.

anyway, i try to build foundationclass.dse of OCC, get the following two errors, can anyone give me any suggestion that how to deal with them?

--------------------Configuration: TKernel - Win32 Debug--------------------
E:\OpenCASCADE5.2\ros\src\Storage\Storage_Schema.cxx(1023) : error C2679: binary ' E:\OpenCASCADE5.2\ros\src\Storage\Storage_Schema.cxx(1026) : error C2679: binary ' Error executing cl.exe.

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Hi wayne,

The following link may help you.


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hi Jahfer

Thank you so much for your reply, i have resolved the problem. it is due to my incorrect configuration of jave, thank you :)

have a good day!!!

wayne zhang