problem with cygwin / gcc

Hi !

I downloaded and installed cygwin to use gcc.
But when I want to use it : command not found.

I have to install others softs ?
What I have to do ?

Please help me ...


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Hi !

This just mean that it can't find the command you try to run "gcc" I assume you mean here ?

I don't know much about cygwin (I use MinGW) but it does sound like you are missing to include the path to the cygwin bin directory in your PATH environment variable (on most modern windows OSes you set this in the control panel "System" icon and then the "Advanced" tab, there should be a button named "Environment variables".


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Are you using MinGW to compile OpenCASCADE applications? I am having trouble with this in that defining "WNT" is needed by some header files but not others. Using gcc v3.2.3.