problem with download source files

On Solaris 2.6, I can not execute : tar xvf sourceModelingAlgorithms-3.0PR2.tar

The result is as follows :

tar xvf sourceModelingAlgorithms-3.0PR2.tar

x CAS3.0, 0 bytes, 0 tape blocks x CAS3.0/drv, 0 bytes, 0 tape blocks x CAS3.0/drv/Hatch, 0 bytes, 0 tape blocks x CAS3.0/drv/Hatch/Hatch_SequenceOfParameter_0.cxx, 1561 bytes, 4 tape blocks x CAS3.0/drv/Hatch/Hatch_SequenceOfLine_0.cxx, 1496 bytes, 3 tape blocks ................................. ..................................

x CAS3.0/drv/IntPatch/IntPatch_TheRstIntOfIntersection_0.cxx, 4647 bytes, 10 tape blocks x CAS3.0/drv/IntPatch/IntPatch_TheIIIntOfIntersection_0.cxx, 5555 bytes, 11 tape blocks x CAS3.0/drv/IntPatch/IntPatch_TheSurfFunctionOfTheIPIntOfIntersection_0.cxx, 1952 bytes, 4 tape blocks x CAS3.0/drv/IntPatch/IntPatch_TheIWLineOfTheIWalkingOfTheIPIntOfIntersection_0.cxx, 3899 bytes, 8 tape blocks tar: directory checksum error

I had to execute the "untar" on Windows and after copy the files on a sun workstation....

The command "treplace" in order to specify the PATH of C++ Compiler does not work on Solaris 2.6.

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After some help from the webmaster, I have found the following about why the compile scripts were complaining about missing files.


Some tar programs truncate the filenames to a certain number of characters - on my SGI running IRIX 6.5 it is 99 characters. It is suspected that the Sun tar program is unable to untar the files due to the same reason as well. So even if 'tar' finished succesfully, the filenames may have been truncated.

GNU tar (I used version 1.12) does not seem to have this problem. It recovered all the files which I thought were missing.


GNU tar did give some other warnings. One is that it sometimes compained

"Permission denied: Could not create file"

I checked this and it seems these files were put in the archive multiple times but the permissions on them are read only. So after the first creation, tar could not overwrite them.

At the end, it complained

tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors

I don't know what it means but I suspect it has to do with the previous message.

I will try to compile the code on Solaris 2.6 and see if it will work.

Good luck to you (and to me)