Problem on finding some classes' source code

I have been searching for some classes' source code for example:"TopoDS_Face"
I found
these are member functions, but where are member fields?
I want to look at the code, but i could not find in the folders in my cascade intallation,
there are only TopoDS_Face.cdl, TopoDS_Face.lxx, TopoDS_Face.cxx, but no one of these represents any source code.
Sorry for asking too basic questions.

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actually *.cxx & .lxx _are_ source code files...normally. In the case of TopoDS_Face have a look at TopoDS_Face.hxx in the inc-folder

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Dear merve,
1. all member fields you ca easy find picking to the inherited class name (TopoDS_Shape) which is on the right side of the page
2. All sources of the distribution are located at the %CASROOT%\\ros\\src folder.
The listed by you files represent exactly sources of the TopoDS_Face class (don't forget to look also to the inherited class).

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i understood thanks