Problem with huge scenes


Im doing some performance tests with CasCade, and i have found that when i try to display, for example, more than 20.000 segments on a 2dcontext (ill need to display REALLY sophisticated scenes), something goes wrong and the user interface becomes unnestable. To easily reproduce de problem, i have modified the example MFC\03_Samples2D\03_3_Sample2DSelection so instead of insert just 1 rectangle, the program insert 20.000 (for(i=0;i

!!! what im doing wrong? exists any type of limitation about the simultaneos objects that you can load on a context? it is some kind of a bug concerned with small 'zoom' values?

please, tell me if anyone have found the same problem. :)
Thank u for you time!

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the 2d viewer is really very bad ( at least on Windows ).
If you want to have good performances, do a 2d viewer by yourself using some native high-level API ( like MFC ).
And remember, for curves in 2d, you can approximate them with segments.