Problem of IGES file Loading

I have another problem. Help me, please.

I try to translate IGES file to OpenCASCADE shape using Data Exchange module functions. but, in the middle of IGES file loading ,Fatal error is founded in the following part and Program is shut down.

[ Standard_Integer status = myIgesReader.ReadFile(LoadIgesFileNameLPTSTR);]

ref) I have tested the same IGES file with another translater program. Here was no problem.

I'd like to know this reason and how to solve this problem and how to use Standard_ErrorHandler class.

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Dear Park,

It is very difficult to analyze this concrete problem without having a problematic IGES file.

However, one of the idea found by Thomas Haller, is that probably your IGES file does not contain an explicit unit.

Hope this will help.

Best regards, Roman