problem with IGES file size

I have a problem with IGES file size as it is produced by open cascade 6.5.2

I have a PTC IGES file.
49HPro/ENGINEER by Parametric Technology Corporation,7H2008250,32,38,7, G 2

The size of file is around 412KB.
First i Import this file in ImportExport client of open cascade 6.5.2, but when i Export the same file in IGES format using open cascade client the resulting file size is over 3MB.
Is there is any issue with open cascade regarding ImportExport file.

Please help to resolve this issue if anybody knows the reason of this problem.


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Is it possible to share the PTC IGES file.
- pg

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Hi pg

Thanks for reply.

Here i attached one IGES file(bolt_Test.iges) created using NX7.5 which is of 76 KB, but when i Export it from open cascade ImportExport client the resulting file size is 105KB.

Thanks & Regards

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Hi Aditya,

There are two most likely reasons:
1. By default, OCC splits C0 curves into C1 in reading. So this results in larger number of curves in the resulting OCC model, and respectively in the exported one.
2. If the original file misses either 2D or 3D representation of the edge curve, then OCC will compute it. Respectively when saving, both representations will be written.