Problem - importing IGES file


I'm trying to use the 08_SampleImportExport,exe in WindowsNT. I import a very important iges file primary produced in CATIA. There is no error message, but in the dead loop. What's matter with it?

I can import the iges file in the advanced dataexchange - "Shape Healing for IGES and STEP ( evaluation version)".

By the way, when can we get the Open CASCADE certifed version 4.0? It should be in October according to your news.

Need your help!



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Hi David, I think you've got the answer, you need the advanced data exchange for this file (by the way, you will have it in open source in the coming version 4.0). IGES import can be sometimes very tricky, and that's why there is an advanced dataexchange, we do a lot of import/export here from different CAD system (Catia V4, Catia V5, IDEAS, Eudlid 3, Strim 100, ...) and I can tell you that even between those system, we have lots of problems.

Good Luck. Francois.

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Thanks a lot for your information.

If I want to buy the advanced data exchange (only execute program). How much about it? When can I get the coming version 4.0. I am anxious about it.

It is urgent for my IGES file. I cann't use the export function in the evaluation version of the adavanced data exchange. Can you help me?

Before performing the file translation, how to check how many IGES types and what they are in the IGES file. I would like to import the IGES file by giving user a type list. How to get the list and which class or file I can use? I am using VC6.0 MFC.

Thank you very much!


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Dear David,

In fact, you have got several choices.

1. Download development version from .org which features Shape Healing and advanced IGES and STEP data exchange in open source. Then rebuild your code and modify your IGES API callers from IGESControlStd_Reader (and _Writer) to IGESControl_Reader (_Writer).

2. If you are strictly linked to certified versions: a). v 3.1. then contact for purchasing Shape Healing b). v4.0 to be released in coming weeks, so you will have to arm with patience and to wait for certain time

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information.

Best regards, Roman