problem with intersection between two cylinders

We have problems with computation off common shape between two cylinders :

The algorithm used is : BRepAlgoAPI_Common(A, B)

The result is never find.

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A good test : save your shape, use C++ function
> BRepTools::Write (shapeA,filea.rle)
> BRepTools::Write (shapeB,fileb.rle) restore shape A and B in Draw (TTopology.exe)
> restore filea.rle a
> restore fileb.rle b check your shape :
> checkshape a //and checkshape b test boolean operation
> fuse r a b or > common r a b

if the last command failed, good luck (it's possible your case is a bug)

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Hello Sylvain and Denis,

As far as I know what Denis does, he is working against a singular case. Denis can you tell us whether the 2 cylinders interfer through the closure of one of them ? If so turn it a little to avoid it.

Hope it helps.