Problem in using OCC 5.1


I successfully installed OCC5.1 for windows on my computer.
When compiling one of my ancient MSVC++ project using OCC, i get the following errors :

...\ros\inc\Standard_Real.hxx(315) : error C2065: 'asinh' : undeclared identifier
...\ros\inc\Standard_SStream.hxx(5) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'strstream.h': No such file or directory

What is wrong?

I use the libraries :
TKernel.lib TKMath.lib TKService.lib TKV3d.lib TKBrep.lib TKIGES.lib PTKernel.lib TKSTL.lib TKVRML.lib TKSTEP.lib TKShapeSchema.lib TKG3d.lib TKXSBase.lib TKPShape.lib TKShHealing.lib

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I've found my problem, I forgot to specify "WNT" compilation directive.

Sorry for disturbance.