Problems about BRepAlgoAPI_Section

I want to use the BRepAlgoAPI_Section class to get the intersections between Cylindrical Surface and TopoDS_Shape object.
However, I can not get the correct result. Even the TopoDS_Shape object is very simple.
I try to use the BRepAlgo_Section class. The result is even worse.
Then I try to get the Faces of the shape and get the intersection between the Face and the Cylindrical_suface. The result is still incorrect.

Could any body give me some advice to solve this problem.

Thank you in advance!

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so far I think BRepAlgoAPI_Section is reliable. The results are edges. No lines or something like that. You have to process the edges if you want to find polylines of the intersection. But be aware that the edges are randomly ordered...

I had an exception if I use the function with to coplanar faces but this is understandable. But you dont say something about exceptions so thats not the problem?

Simply post some code here...