Problems with BRepAlgoAPI_Fuse when uniting multiple bodies


I have OCCT 7.5.0 on my MacOS Big Sur, installed using homebrew. I am trying to generate a solid in STEP format made up of cylinders and spheres using an app based on OCCT. Pic of the desired solid (Pic 1) is below:

1. It has 4 primitive cylinders arranged at 4 body diagonals of a cube.
2. A small sphere at the center of the cube (also where all cylinders intersect).
3. All cylinders in 1 and sphere at 2 are to be united to generate a single solid.

1 and 2 and created using BRepPrimAPI_MakeCylinder and BRepPrimAPI_MakeSphere

I am having issues when I try to perform step 3 - uniting all primitives. All methods resulted in a failed union. I verified the union by writing it as a STEP file using STEPControl_Writer and opening in it in a 3D CAD software FreeCAD. The result appeared nonsensical or gibberish with missing cylinders, open or partial solids .
I have tried multiple ways to unite by specifying TopTools_ListOfShape arguments and TopTools_ListOfShape tools Here are the different options that didn't work and I have tried:

List of Shape(s) for arguments List of Shape(s) for tools
1 Cylinder 3 Cylinders
1 Sphere All Cylinders
1 Cylinder 3 Cylinders and 1 Sphere

After this, I thought maybe it's the intersection of all cylinders before union, that might be causing the problem. So I split my cylinders in halves such that any half doesn't touch any other half. If all of these half cylinders are taken a union with an overlapping sphere at the center, then the resulting solid will be the same as what I want to generate, as shown in the Pic 1 above.
pic of the half cylinders here

pic of the desired solid with sphere

List of Shape(s) for arguments List of Shape(s) for tools
1 Sphere All Cylinders halves
All cylinder halves 1 Sphere

In all trials, I got bad results, one of the examples:
bad union

Apart from using list of arguments and tools, I also tried to unite cylinders iteratively and even that was behaving in a very funny way, it will need another post to explain the behavior.

Could you please suggest what if this is an OCCT bug or there is something else that I can try to fix this union issue for this case?

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Hi Tech team. Please let me know if you'd like me to post a smaller version of this post with just basic details. If possible, please comment about, what details will be helpful for you to understand the problem better.

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Hi Archak,

None of the links in your message are working.

If Boolean operation does not work as expected then please register a bug in the bugtracker.



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Hi Archak, please send me your primitives and I will test the union operation on my side.
With respects, Eugene.

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Hi @Eugene Zliznyak, I have uploaded two zip folders containing separate primitives and their union (incorrect) for the two cases: 1. Using full cylinders 2. Using half cylinders.

@Mikhail Sazonov I have also corrected the links to the pictures above. I was using Google Photos shared links earlier, I have changed it to imgur links and tested them, they are working fine.

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Hi OCCT team, did you get a chance to look at this yet?

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Hi Archak, please create a bug in the bug tracker. It will be processed according to established priorities.