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Hi! I have downloaded the source distribution of open cascade days ago. I have been struggling to get the libraries built since then. My system is a Red-Hat7 Linux. I have the latest glibc and gcc3.0. I was able to figure out that most of my problems originated from some sort of incompatibility between the source code and the libstdc++. I have already tried to make some modification in source files mainly to include the std c++ files instead of the backward compatibility ones (i.e. instead of and so forth). This has solved some problems and I managed to get two packages compiled up til now, but I feel it is not really the right way. In fact may be there is a much easier solution or I may have missed something. I hope somebody can help explainning this for me. On the other side as I tried to modify files and recompile I needed to create my own makefiles to do the work as the sch shell scripts are good only for a straight forward complete build. They will just go through the whole process of compiling all source files everytime with the compiler errors streming through my consol. I think a build system for gnu make should be a good replacement for the scripts. It should be better to use autoconfig and automake but I think it won't be easy with the code structure. Thanks for your patience. Tamer

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These sorts of problems should be resolved by downloading the CVS version and using the configure script (much like other Linux software).

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Oh if it were only that easy! I have never been able to get ./configure to work with OCC and it appears that others have the same trouble (as is noted elsewhere in this forum).

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It mutch easier java script. I research from some missing.
Raf Caf

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Use the "adm/Linux/OCC.COMP" script and it should compile. Works for me under RH 7.3.

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Please, can someone help me with this problem. have been trying to install opencascade-6.9.1 on a linux server. after doing the ./configure and the make command and running succesfully, on doing the make install command i was getting series of error message as attached in the file below.