Problems in building WOK on SunOS

I supposed I have to execute the following shell in order to build WOK :

csh -f WOK.COMP

There is no information about it in the README file.

The 2 first lines of file WOK.COMP in $CASROOT/adm/SunOS are the following :

csh -f TKWOK.comp csh -f TKWOKTcl.comp

The files TKWOK.comp and TKWOKTcl.comp are NOT in the distribution.

So how is it possible to build WOK on SunOS ?

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I think this is just an oversight, you can get these two scripts from another platform's directory, then edit it to use SunOS commands. I have also checked the CVS repository for these two files, and they seem to have been removed.

boreas::/boreas/CAS3.0/adm/SunOS (83)% cvs status TKWOK.comp
cvs server: nothing known about TKWOK.comp
File: no file TKWOK.comp           Status: Unknown

Working revision: No entry for TKWOK.comp
Repository revision: No revision control file

Perhaps someone at Matra could look into this?

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Ok but each file needed by TKWOK.comp and TLWOKtcl.comp is not in the distribution.

There is really a big problem in the distribution !!!