Problems with IGES surface import in 4.0

Hi folks,
I try to import IGES entities of different kinds. I am mostly interessted in surfaces. With version 4.0 I find that the library fails to import the first surface. An error message is printed that one entity failed to load. Different IGES files with different surfaces produce the same result. The non Std version of the IGES import is used. All this worked nicely with the 4.0DEV release.
Has anyone encountered similar behaviour? I can submit a more detailed problem description if necessary.
Thanks in advance.

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Everything works fine for us with the new version, we do a lot of import/export of surfaces with iges too.


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Here comes the error message produced by open CASCADE:

Total number of loaded entities : 11.
Number of fail in memory loading : 1.
Number of warning in memory loading : 0.
End of loading IGES file to memory (Elapsed time : 0.08s).
Check Model Complete Check List : F: XSTEP_57
- Nb: 1 : 0
Nb Total:1 for 1 items
Check Model Complete Check List : F: XSTEP_57
- Nb: 1 : 0
Nb Total:1 for 1 items

// my output follows
300 8 10 49 1 77
FATAL ERROR: Point3D IGESSurface::operator() (double x, double y) const -> no Surface found
// my output ends

It definitely always fails to load the first surface from my IGES files. Could I recive an IGES file containing a surface from somebody who is confident that all his/hers surfaces get loaded.

Thanks Florian

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Hi Florian,

I encountered similar problems. If I create for example a simple Face from four nodes, save it then it crashes if want to reload it straight away.
In my case it helped when I deleted all "free" edges and vertices. I mean the ones from which I built the box. Of course its not a _real_ solution but in my case sufficient.

I email you both files, since the format isn't very good if I post them here.