Problems with running CasCade

I am using CasCade 2.1 on Windows2000. It works fine till I have Visual C++ 6 installed. After I uninstall Visual, my application does not longer work. It does not start. Does anyone know the reason?

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It could be a missing library problem.
The library was present when Visual C++ was installed.
It was no more present after Visual C++ has been removed.

Beside I think you should be a little bit more precise describing
your problem. What kind of error message (if any) do you
receive from the system when you try to run the application?


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It is not library missing problem for sure. Dependency walker raport shows no differencies for case, when visual is installed (my app does run) and is not installed (my app doesn't want to run). There is no error message at the startup. Application does not enter entry point (winmain) - it silently quits during loading. It looks like library problem, but I have even checked dll's version, and everything seems to be the same.

Any idea?

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you can download the dependency walker at
run it and open you .exe. You will see what is missing.