problems with selection/detection -> bug?

Dear everyone!
I have quite a detection/selection-problem. Maybe someone can tell me, if the reason for this is the same bug as described in the thread "ShiftSelect function in AIS_InteractiveContext":
In my program, after using ShiftSelect to select exactly two objects (in this case: curves on which I call my methods), I have to click a "CONFIRM"-button in the childframe-toolbar. On the way to this button, the cursor passes by further objects and highlights them - but I definitely don't click on them = I don't select them. In spite of this, these highlighted objects are automatically coloured grey = selected right after clicking on "CONFIRM". Of course this makes it is practically impossible to select exactly two objects. But worst is: sometimes objects are set selected, which aren't even in my viewport!
If anyone has an idea what might be the reason for these problems, please tell me. Thanks a lot in advance!
Agnes Mendel

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From the first sight, (as it goes from your description) your problem has nothing common with ShiftSelect bug. But who knows...
Anyway, could you give us s'more information?
How many interactive contexts do you create?
How many views?