Proper Use of TNaming

I have a situation in which I go through the following steps:

  1. Create a Box using BRepPrimAPI_MakeBox
  2. Add the Box and all the Faces to the Data Framework using TNaming_Builder::Generated()
  3. Select Edge 3 on the Box using TNaming_Selector::Select with the Box as the Context Shape
  4. Fillet Edge 3 on the Box using BRepFilletAPI_MakeFillet
  5. Add the FilletedBox to the Data Framework using TNaming_Builder::Modify and TNaming_Builder::Generated as appropriate
  6. "Resize" the Box by creating a new Box2 using BRepPrimAPI_MakeBox
  7. Add the resized Box2 to the Data Framework using TNaming_Builder::Modify and the original Box as the OldShape

So, at this point, I try to get back a reference to Edge 3, which has now changed since its context shape was changed. However, whenever I use TNaming_Selector::NamedShape()->Get() on the Label in which I stored the selected Edge, I end up getting an Edge that is not in the resized Box2. Am a missing some step in adding data to the Data Framework that is needed?

Any help would be appreciated.

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If it helps, here is what my Data Framework tree looks like after all of the above operations

0:1 Selection Root Node
0:1:1 Selected edge 3
0:1:1:1 edge 3 context shape?
0:2 Generated Shape node: Box
0:3 Fillet Node
0:3:1 Modified faces
0:3:2 Deleted faces
0:3:3 Faces from edges
0:3:4 Faces from vertices
0:4 Modified Shape Node: Box2

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Figured it out: it turns out that when I was making my call to TNaming_Selector::Solve(), the TDF_LabelMap I was passing was not complete enough. I thought passing the node that held the Selection would be enough but it wasn't. I passed a blank TDF_LabelMap, which according to my understanding means that the Solver uses the whole Data Framework tree. This did the trick for me.