pthread.h not found during configure on Fedora 11

after having done aclocal; automake; autoconf I try "./configure $flags --prefix=/opt/OpenCASCADE6.3.0" with $flags as defined in "$CASROOT/doc/Overview/index.htm" but I get the following errors:
checking pthread.h usability... no
checking pthread.h presence... no
checking for pthread.h... no
configure: error: Posix threads required

However, glibc-headers (containing /usr/include/pthread.h) is installed. So as glibc-devel.

My OS is Fedora 11.

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Hi, please put your config.log available somewhere on the net, this file should contain useful informations to diagnose your problem.

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Hi Denis,

thanks for replying!
My config.log can be found on

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You have no C++ compiler, install g++ and update your config.log if you still have trouble

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Oh, I feel ashame. First, I didn't really read config.log and second, I thought gcc is actually a c++ compiler.

Thank you for the help. Now, I manage to run ./configure. I still have a problem with make but this time I'll take more time to solve the problem by myself.