python bindings for OCC6.3.0



pythonOCC development is going fast. Thanks to the precious help of Dave Cowden and Jelle Feringa, a new release is available with many improvements: most modeling classes and algorithms should be available, and a wxPython based 3D viewer was added.

A simple CAD viewer was developed: it can load and display any STEP, IGES or STL file in less than 200 lines of python code.

At last, a wiki was setup to allow anyone to contribute to the project.

Screenshots, binaries for Python24 and25 under Win32, CADViewer source code, API reference and wiki are on


Thomas Paviot

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A new release (1.0pre2) is avaible for download on .

This release adds major enhancements:

- 23 additionnal OCC module are covered: OSD, Law, Alien_Image, IGESAppli, IGESDefs, IGESDimen, IGESGeom, IGESGraph, IGESSolid, TColGeom, TColGeo2d, TColQuantity, TopoDSStep, Voxel, Units, GeomProjLib, Geom2dAdaptor, Geom2dConvert, Geom2dHatch, Geom2dGcc, Geom2dInt, Vrml, VrmlConverter.

- many improvements in the Display3D class: support for material/textured shapes, selection of edges/vertices/faces, export to image...

- this release commes with a new interactive viewer: a Python console is now embede in the 3D viewer, allowing easy debugging, on the fly creation/display of OCC objects...

These bindings are currently available for Windows users only, but I started to include conditionnal statements into the code so that it can be built on Unices. Linux users are welcome to test/debug/report issues in order to provide the 1.0 version on different platforms.

At last, this work could not have been achieved without the precious help and contributions of Andy Haywood.

Best regards,

Thomas Paviot

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I have run the CAD Viewer. It is beautiful!

I had to download the source code zip file to find the CAD Viewer ( )
I had to download wxPython.

Has anyone made this into a CAD system with lines and arcs, yet?

I am making a free C++ CAD ( "HeeksCAD" ) with wxWidgets and Open CASCADE, but I didn't know about OCAF when I started.
I would like to contribute to a wxPython OCC CAD system.