pythonOCC-0.3 released


pythonOCC is a 3D CAD/PLM development library. It's built upon the OpenCASCADE 3D modeling kernel and the SalomeGEOM package. Some high level packages (parametric modeling, topology, data exchange, webservices etc.) extend the builtin features of those libraries to enable a highly dynamic and modular programming of your CAD apps thanks to the magic of python.

Release 0.3:
The pythonOCC team is pleased to announce the 0.3 release, 4 months after the previous release. A huge work was achieved to integrate into pythonOCC the SalomeGEOM package. As a consequence, this release introduces a major enhancement: a pythonic associative parametric framework -named PAF- that adds Parameters, Rules and Relations enabling parametric modeling. For instance, when a cube with a length, width, height parameter is created, it'll be rebuild when one of its parameters is updated ( parametric associativity ).When a point is displaced that is used to construct a curve, and a surface has been constructed using this curve, both the curve and surface are updated when the point is displaced ( topologic associativity ).For an introduction into the merits of PAF, have a look here:

In addition to this major contribution, here is a non exahaustive list of other modifications:
* tons of new samples are available, making even easier now to enter the API,
* the OCC SWIG wrapper was improved (few missing modules were added, typical C++ mechanisms were pythonized),
* quality improvement (unittests, doctests),
* Python 2.6 support,
* many other minor fixes/enhancements.

Information/downloads available on

Best Regards,

Thomas Paviot
Jelle Feringa