PythonOCC is hard for a beginer


Hi, gentleman:
I think pythonOCC is not as friendly as what i think.
The pre-condition is that you have to know python and wxPython first,
at least, not for me: a total new hand.

I am a c/c++ programer, but just started trying to learn python and pythonOCC for the first time.
I did the followings: ( I am using windows XP)

1. download and store python 2.6
2. download wxPython (for python 2.6) , and store it
after the installation, the path is:
c:\python26\lib\site-pakages\wx-2.8-msw-ansi (ansi version)

3. download pythonocc (for python 2.6)
after the installation, the path is:

4. follow the tutorial instructions (it's on the web):
firstly, modified the file:
change set_backend('x') to set_backend('wx')
( shown on the below lines...)

if __name__ == '__main__':
6. on the command line screen, key in the lines like below, and failed on the second line.

>>>from OCC.Display.SimpleGui import * (ok)
>>>display,start_display,add_menu,add_function_to_menu = init_display() (fail!!!)

(the specified module not found! please ref. to the attached bmp file)

How? And what should I do ?

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Hi Liu,

It would be best to continue this discussion at the pythonocc forum:

Is it possible that you haven't got OCC6.3 installed on your machine?
PythonOCC relies on the OCC6.3 binaries.
In your python site-package/OCC directory, you should have a _TopoDS.dll, right?
Perhaps it fails to load because the OCC libs are not installed?


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Many thanks to you. It works!
1. The is not for beginner!
It should have told:
store a. OOC6.X b. python2.x c. wxPhyton d. pythonOCC
Being a new commer, I made a really big long way only to make
the very first tutorial go!
2. It should have a "Forum" like this one. I did followed the
the instructions to take part in the mailing_list, but it looks
i missed somewhere. This mailing_list system is too complicated
(at least, not for a non-English speking people like me)
thank you again for your help.