Qt compile on Windows


Hi, nice job on the new things like STL and Qt, I understand that MFC was used before for this project, just wonder if I can compile the same Qt code on windows for this projects, just like Linux. It is supposed to work this way, right?


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since the new exoTK uses QT 3.0 on Linux I'm afraid you cant compile it without licensing QT 3.0 for windows. So you have to use the MFC version.


Patrik Müller

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Hi Jeff,

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

As Patrick previously said, exoTKAD uses Qt3.0 on Linux and MFC on Windows.
It was a "strategical" choice to use Qt3.0 and not Qt2.3 for the GUI.
The main reason is the new features introduces with Qt3.0 against Qt2.3.
And I want also to use the mostly latest version of the libraries.
For the moment, Qt3.0 is not freely available on Windows. If you want to use it on Windows, you have to purchase a license.

I will continue using MFC on Windows and Qt on Linux.

If you *really* want to use Qt2.3 ( or something else ) for exoTKAD, you can.
The structure of the programm is done to be able to use what you want for the user interface.