qt4.3 + v3d_view refresh?

hi all,

my team and i are using a modified version of mr. dolbey's qtopencascade (parts of 0.6 and 0.9) on ubuntu and were having a blast until i updated qt4.2.3 to qt4.3. now window moves, menu boxs, etc all expose the v3d_view background color. not being the top window (ie when a dlg popup window is triggered) also exposes the background color...

short of rolling back to qt4.2.3, does any one have any ideas about how to remind the widget to get updates? i have had no luck finding any relevant qt signals. we had noticed that the view updates in 4.2.3 were happening, albeit sometimes a few hundred milliseconds late. what happened in 4.3?

thanks in advance for any help. this forum is great.


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Unfortunately I shall be offline for a week (on holiday).

In 0.9 I did a couple of liberties in regard to the paint events, but they worked on a Windows platform. I also thinned down some of the windows attributes I had originally delivered.

Note that there is 0.7 version still on the site

The first thing I would want test is the standard Qt4 hellogl example. Does this give a similar problem on Qt 4.3/Ubuntu. Can you test on Qt 4.2.3.

I don't believe this is a problem with Signals/Slots but with windows events. I would either stick breakpoints on the paintGL() - or pepper the viewer with loads of qDebug's.

You could send me a copy of your mods to 'peter at dolbey dot freeserve dot co uk', but I can't promise to look at til at least the 30th July.


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thanks for the quick reply. i am trying your suggestions... have a good vacation!

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My email should have said 'peter at dolbey dot freeserve dot co dot uk' (But I guess you could work it out.


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all is well now, today a fixed libqt4-dev package appeared in the updater. the install was indeed a broken one.