Qt5/Qml UI in windows application

i'm developing a Windows desktop application and I'd like to write UI with Qt5/Qml.
Unfortunately, the only example provided by OpenCascade with Qt is for an Android app.
I'm sure that is possible, because I think that CAD Assistant is developed with Qt5/Qml.

Can someone provide an example to render an occ viewer in a qml window?


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hi Davide,

Take a look at {YOUR_OCC_ROOT}/src/samples/qt/AndroidQt.

I've been working with QML & OCC myself now for about a year, its lots of fun ;)


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I already study AndroidQt example, but it is not useful for me because it use EGL.
You have any advice on how to modify the function "initViewer" to initialize context for a Windows Desktop application with QML UI?

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Hello, everyone!

I've made a project based on AndroidQt example and this repository: https://github.com/KDAB/integrating-qq2-with-opengl

Here is the link:


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Very good job, a very nice example :)

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Anyone know how to implement part document ( containing single solid ) and assembly document

containing multiple parts.