Question about CVS.


I downloaded Cascade(4) with CVS three or four months ago. I didn't download the modules by name because I couldn't manage to avoid the creation of a directory with the module name.

I chose to download by directory so I checked out src, inc, adm ...

The problem is that src directory isn't recognised as cvs so I can only update chosing each package at the time.

Can someone tell me how to make src a cvs directory or any other way to solve this?


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Create a directory that will become CASROOT. I use /disk/KAS/C40/ros Change to that direcotry and do a cvs checkout like this:

cvs -dblah:blah checkout -P -A .

That will get you everything. Then you can update it with cvs update -d -P -A . to do a recursive update of the entire tree.
Don't forget the  .  or it won't work.

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Thanks Robert.

I don't really understand something.

I have already downloaded Cascade with CVS. Is it necessary to do another checkout?? Meaning that it would download all the files again? Can't I just update my existing files? I tried updating but it takes to much time and I can see that my PC is sending megas of data. Is this normal? It seams like CVS is sending all files in the directories I want to update.

I called "cvs checkout -P -A . " (in a CVS front-end called WinCVS and located inside my directory "c:\Cascade") and it started by updating "adm" directory. While in subdirectory "AIX" CVS sent over 10M of data.

What's happening? Is sending all this data necessary for updating?

I'm sorry for all this questions. I should study CVS a little more but since I just want to have an updated version of Cascade... I don't think I'll be contributing any interesting code for a while.

Thanks again.

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I think I got it.(don't really now why but..)

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All the files under adm are used for building on various platforms. However they aren't necessary when using the configure script in $CASROOT. I personally would like to see them go away, and it sounds like you might agree.