A quick question for all...

Hi !

I would be fun to find out the most common OS for OpenCASCADE users, are you using UNIX, Windows or something else ?


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Suse Linux

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Hi Walter,

May I know which version of Suse Linux, OpenCascade you are using?


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developping on Windows, and porting to Linux.

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NT and Linux

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Only NT !

Dr.-Ing. Michael Gandyra
Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH

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Windows 2000, NT, XP

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Haller
Software development
Carl Zeiss 3D Metrology Services GmbH
Heinrich-Rieger-Strasse 1
73430 Aalen

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Windows 2000, NT, XP


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Windows 2000

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Win NT 4 and Win 2000

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2000, XP & Solaris


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NT, Solaris, Linux

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Windows 2000

M.Sc. Shangjian Du
Department of Machining Technology
University of Dortmund
Baroper Str. 301
D-44227 Dortmund, Germany

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I use Solaris 2.6/2.8 with Sun Workshop CC4.2
I try Solaris 2.8 with Forte 6.2

xavier lhomme
Thales Communication France

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Windows 2000

Erki Kiroglu
Delta Marine Co.

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Solaris 2.7 with CC4.2
Linux Mandrake 8.1 with santdard gcc of th distribution

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Windows XP, and Windows 2000.
mainly windows XP.

Marcel janer
TDS developer

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Our software is cross platform (in-house graphic/widget library), and runs on the following:

Windows 2k, 9x, XP (AFAIK)
Linux (x86 Redhat 7.2 kernel 2.4.9-34smp)
SunOS (5.6)
IRIX (6.5, and IRIX64 6.5)
AIX (4.3)
HP-UX (10 or 11)
OSF1 (DEC v4.0)

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Is there any problem to port OpenCASCADE on PPC CPUs, regarding the little/big endian issue ?

Also, what would be the process regarding the port of OpenCASCADE on another platform ? i.e. is this something that everybody can try, and then submit the result to the OC team to include on the main site ?

Do you think that a port on a foreign platform (CPU & OS) would be very difficult ???

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Christopher, I've seen that you use OpenCASCADE on HP. I was not able to get the package for HP. Could you help me. Thanks.

Tomas Nejezchleba

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Windwos 2000, and maybe suse Linux soon

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Suse Linux 8.2, Red Hat 9.0 and Windows 2000

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Only Windows XP,2000 and NT4

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Slackware Linux and FreeBSD

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Windows 2000(SP5), XP

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RedHat and Mandrake Linux/Porting on Windows 2000

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2000 / XP

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Xindows XP and Debian GNU/Linux