Radius of edge.

How can you query the radius of an edge (like in Topology Analysis where you can query the properties such as length, center of mass, etc.)?

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try this :

TopoDS_Shape S = BRepPrimAPI_MakeSphere(10);

Standard_Real Radius;

TopExp_Explorer exp;
for (exp.Init(S,TopAbs_EDGE); exp.More(); exp.Next())
Standard_Real U1, U2;
Handle (Geom_Curve) GC1 = BRep_Tool::Curve(TopoDS::Edge(exp.Current()), U1, U2);
if (! GC1.IsNull())
Handle (Geom_Circle) GCC1 = Handle (Geom_Circle)::DownCast(GC1);
if (! GCC1.IsNull())
Radius = GCC1->Circ().Radius();
Handle(AIS_Shape) S1 = new AIS_Shape(exp.Current());

In this code, I create a sphere and then try to get a circular edge (a seam edge, not a degenerated one).

When I have this edge, I get the underlying Geom_curve, downcast this curve into a Geom_Circle, test the validity of the handle, to check if the downcast operation succeeded.

When I have the Geom_Circle, I apply "Radius()" method.

Take care, Radius() method is defined in gp_Circ, not in Geom_Circle ! So ... don't forget to include gp_Circ.hxx ...


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Hi mbd,

I have tried your code, everything were fine until to the Handle (Geom_Circle) GCC1 = Handle (Geom_Circle)::DownCast(GC1); part.
the GCC1 is Null. Do you have any idea what teh problem might be?