Re-Distribution of Package or DLLs

Hello all,

may be this question has been asked before - but unfortunately I do not find no answer:

If I want to distribute my own software, which uses OpenCascade, is it allowed to distribute the whole Instalation Package (as available from here) or only the pure DLLs (in case of Windows app). ?

Is it allowed to store the Installation package on my own web-server ?

I have read the license, but I do not find any concrete answer to this.

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Markus Nickels

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Hello Markus,
it is allowed to distribute OCC together with any custom software in any form suitable for this software, on condition of inclusion the complete OCC license within the distribution.
The OCC license can be found at
Best regards, Forum Supervisor

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Hello Christian,

what does it mean if on several occasions, for example GeomPlate_Surface.cxx, there is an inclusion of an ".ixx"-file, like #include , but in deed this file nowhere exists. The compiler does not complaint about that. But it is very strange. What is a "ixx"-file good for ?
*.ixx files are generated automatically by WOK (OCC development environment).
Usually they contain just one inclusion of the corresponding *.jxx file which, in its turn, contain inclusions of all types
used by the corresponding API declared in *.cdl file. *.ixx and *.jxx files are placed in %CASROOT%/drv/.

Another question: If I surf through the classbrowser, I recently discovered several empty classes or packages. They simply do not exist within the classbrowser. Anything is empty.
An error ?
Please provide exact names of the classes absent in the class browser. Perhaps we can tell you then why they are absent.
Best regards.

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Here you are:



Do you have an explanation therefore. I did not check the source-files now.

In the coming weeks, I will provide you with a full list of all (let us say) "missing" data !

Best Regards