Reading assembly information from step file without transferring to TDocStd_Document

Hi everyone,
I am reading step file using STEPCAFControl_Reader.
I am able to extract all information when the file is transfered to TDocStd_Document.
I am following this step
STEPCAFControl_Reader reader;
reader.Transfer(TDocStd_Document doc);
After the transfer, I can extract all model information from the document. However, the transfer step takes most of the reading time.

Is there a way to extract the names of subassemblies and parts directly after file is read. (reader.ReadFile(FileName)) ?

Dmitrii Pasukhin's picture

You can adapt to your case the functionality from cxx file of that reader file responsible for extracting names. But transfer to XCAF take a small part of time. The most time of performing is shape healing and conversion itself.

Best regards, Dmitrii.