Reading names with special characters from STEP files


I have realized that when I read in STEP files with names, special characters are not read in as expected. For example the German character "ä" becomes "\X2\00E4\X0\". This seems to be somehow encoded. Is there already some mechanism to convert it back to the non-encoded special characters?

I get the names from StepRepr_RepresentationItem like this:

Handle (StepRepr_RepresentationItem) shapeRepresentationItem;
        shapeRepresentationItem = Handle(StepRepr_RepresentationItem)::DownCast(
        const std::string shapeName = shapeRepresentationItem->Name()->ToCString();

Thanks for any help!


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What I would like to know: is reading special character names from STEP files not supported? Or is it supported and I have some conversion problem which is the reason that names appear wrong in my application? Has anyone implemented correct read-in of UTF-8 special characters from STEP files?

Thank you for your help!

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