Reading STEP files

Is there a way to read and write information in STEP files using OpenCascade API.

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You should check out the Documentation: "XDE User's Guide', chapter 2.7.2 "Readinfg a STEP-File".

This document is part of the OCCT-package, located in the subfolder $(OPENCASCASDE_INSTALL_DIR)/docs/xde.pdf's picture


It seems I need an Advanced Shape Healing module in order for this to work.
Is this a part of an open source pakage (?) and/if how to initialize it.

Also, when I use #include it gives me linking error.
Does it have anything to do with Advanced Shape Healing?

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You need to link against at least TKXDESTEP.lib.

If this does not help, please post your linker's output

Advanced shape healing is part of the open source relase as well. There should be a guide on shape healing in the documentation folder as well.