Rebuild the C # example in OCC 6.7.0


I'm interested in the C# Sample. I tested the sample with the .bat file and it works fine. Now I want to execute the winForms example from VS 2008, i add the inc and lib paths to the wrapper project properties and i run the project but i have an "System.IO.FileNotFoundException" exception when i try to open new document.
The exception occurs at "Form2 newForm = new Form2();"

How can I solve this issue

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Dear Imen,

you need to make the OCCT dlls 'visible' to VS (e.g. using environment variable).


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Dear Pawel,

THank you for your response,

I run the env.Bat, i test the existed exe and it's ok, but for the rebuilt project i have this problem
If there is a problem with the environment variable how can i test the occ example?


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I added manually the environment Path, but i've the same problem
Can you help me please

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Dear Imen,
I suggest you to double check that you build the sample and OCCT by the same compiler and in the same configuration (32 or 64-bit, Debug vs. Release).
See similar topic at
Best regards

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I had this issue related to OCCTProxy.dll in OCC 6.7.1. Steps below fixed the issue:
1. I inspected OCCTProxy.dll with Dependency Walker utility and found out which dll-s it couldn't locate.
2. I updated PATH with location of those dll-s. In my case I did the following:
3. Then I ran VC and С# samples worked with no issues.

Hope this helps.