Rebuilding on LINUX

Hi all,
Can anyone give me step by step method to rebuild the OCC libraries in LINUX ( SUSE 10.2 )

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I've already done some steps in installing OpenCascade on Suse 10.2, but I don't know if it's already properly installed.

- unpack OpenCASCADE_Linux.tgz
- run ./Install.csh from Terminal
normaly the installation should start.

If java stopps loading then see
- readme.htm in unpacked folder
--> OpenCASCADE installation

You should make an update of your Java runtime environment
(explanation how to in german is in The Basic Idea is to install Sun Java 1.5.0 from an additional update server - you have to add it in your YAST.

After that you should be able to run ./install.csh. If not try to launch the file like described in mentioned readme.htm by
java -cp path_to_file_setup.jar.

This worked out fine for me.

After that you will find OpenCASCADE installed in

open your Terminal again an be sure that you are logged with your Master password (type su) thus you have the right to add the content of env.csh to your bashrc-file.

type open your bashrc-file e.g with emacs:
emacs /etc/bash.bashrc

click with your cursor at the on of the file and then insert the content of env.csh --> File insert File

env.csh is located in /opt/OpenCASCADE6.2.0/ros/

Unfortunately your bash-shell would not recognize the setenv command included in env.csh. Search for it and replace it with export:
CSH shell: setenv name value
Bash shell: export name=value
so write export CASROOT=/opt/OpenCASCADE6.2.0/ros. instead

Now you can run ./configure in
opt/OpenCASCADE6.2.0/samples/Tutorial and no error will occure.

That's what I have done so far. But I think that there is still one step missing, because I don't succeed in comiling another piece of software called cam-occ using the OpenCASCADE libaries.

Does anybody have some inputs?


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For rebuilding the libraries you have to call "make" and "make install" in $CASROOT. You will encounter errors, which can be solved with the additional compiler options mentionend in