Rebuilding from sources for use with VS2013 in a C# Application.


I'm trying to get OCC working with my own C# application, and lack some knowledge about compiling.

Since I'm using VS2013, I understand that I have to rebuild OCC from sources to be able to use it. I followed the procedure described here :

Since I'm not at ease with compiling, I opted for the "easy" version, i.e. no optionals third party products.
Note that I'm working with the whole package provided by the windows installer.

Here is some stuffs I'd like to understand, hopefully someone here can help me :

1) I recompiled tcl-tk with vc12... but when I looked at the "default" setup which comme with the installer, unlike other third-party products there is no folders which are specific to a vcXX installation... so do I have to replace originals files with the ones I recompiled ?

2) From what I understood, even if I'm using Visual Studio 2013, it still use the vc12 compiler, so I put vc12 as parameter... is this ok ? it seemed that some batchs don't recognize vc13 as parameter.

3) I used the last versions of each third-party tool (instead of those that come with the installer). I assumed they had backward-compatibility since there was no major changes in versions number... again, is this ok ? Or could it mess something for the compilation of OCC ?

Of course, the reason I ask is because even if I finally managed to have the whole stuff compiled successfully according to visual studio, When I try to launch what I compiled, I get errors related to missing .dll ...

Thanks for answers / advices !


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Dear Cédric,
1) you can download archives with precompiled binaries and source files of 3rd-party products for building Open CASCADE Technology and samples. See -
2) Paramater 'vc12' corresponds to VStudio 2013
3) I suggest you to use the specified in Release Notes versions of 3rdparty products. In opposite case you can meet some compatibility issues.

Best regards

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Hello !

Many thanks for the link, I missed that one ! It worked like a charm, I finally managed to get a proper compilation followed by valid tests !