Recognize Fillet

Hi All,

Is there a way of OpenCascade recognize a fillet?
E.g. I want to know if a face or edge is filleted or not. Is it possible? If yes, how?

Thanks in Advance.

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Hi Thiago Macedo,

I wonder know it also. In my project, I search the fillet edge/face by some basic parameters. Such as edge is circular arc, its radius is less than given limits, and its two neighbour edges are line segments. Revolve face takes line as profile curve, its rotation radius is less than given limits, and its two neighbour faces are plannar shape.
Hope it works.


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Hi Cauchy Ding,

I want to detect Fillets in order to remove it (make sharpen edges, opposite to create a fillet), change its values (radius) and maybe join some fillets in only one.

Please, could some one help me(us)?

Thanks in Advance.

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Please, nobody knows??

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First of all there is no trivial solution for this unless you write your program to be feature based.(i.e. tag a fillet as a "fillet" while it is created).

For simple fillets you can try this.

First check if the assumed fillet surface is cylindrical or spherical (Face to face fillets are cylindrical and corner fillets are spherical). Now to check if the cylindrical surface is really a fillet check for two faces linked to it to be planar. This can help you only to check if the features are not very complicated like in female radius connected to male radius etc. where you will find cylindrical surface attached with cylindrical surface.

There are many possibilities that a fillet surface may have different kind of surfaces attached to its boundaries. Finally a fillet results in a surface which has radius of curvature which can be evaluated on its underlying geometry.

However, assuming that a simple box is filletted and you want to detect the fillets, the above method will be helpful.

But anyway you can always check for cylindrical or spherical surfaces.

Best Luck!

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Hi Nair,

Firstly thank you for your answer!
This solution is very good to simple fillets, but I'd like a solution to detect/recognize any fillet!
I have a lot of algorithms, but I'd like to know if OpenCascade has some resource to help me in this issue!

Could you or someone else help me?

Thanks in Advance