Recognizing DynamicType for AIS_InteractiveObject-derived objects

I've made a new MyAISObject object by deriving it from AIS_InteractiveObject and everything works fine.

Now I would like to recognize it into a list of interactive objects, but of course the IsKind() routine is only able to recognize if the object is of AIS_InteractiveObject type, not MyAISObject.

What should I do to detect the type of derived objects?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Fabio,

To take advantage of RTTI and safe typecast features of OCC handles you need to correctly define your type.

In your .hxx:


class MyAISObject : public AIS_InteractiveObject {


In implementation .cxx:

Now you should be able to use standard RTTI and typecast:

if (anObj->IsKind (STANDARD_TYPE (MyAISObject )) {
Handle (MyAISObject) aMyObj = Handle (MyAISObject)::DownCast (anObj);


If you use WOK and CDL, it does everything for you.

Hope this helps.

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many thanks Roman,
actually I've figured it out yesterday but forgot to self-reply:
I've seen this done on the Geometry example.

Thanks for your interest: now I know I've made it the right way.