Reconstruct the model from measuring points


I am doing something about CMM(Coordinate Measuring Machine). Now there are a lot of measuring points, how can I reconstruct the model from these measuring points. It is usually called reverse engineering. How can I do this using OCC?

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Dear Sir / Madame,

We have noticed your request and would like to inform you about one possible solution we may offer.

Surface from Scattered Points ( is a commercial component presenting an advanced algorithm for surface reconstruction. This algorithm provides the following functionality :

* Constructs a surface conforming to given point, tangential, scalar and linear constraints. This operation is frequently called “Surface from Scattered Points” (or “Surface from Cloud of Points”).
* Constructs a surface conforming to certain boundary constraints. This operation is called “Hole Filling".
* Modifies input surface to satisfy certain spatial constraints. This operation is called “Surface Morphing”.
* Modifies input surface (of a face) to reduce gaps between surface and wireframe (of a face). This operation is called “Gaps Filling”.

The main advantages of the SSP component are robustness, extended capabilities of Surface Morphing and Gaps Filling and wide API allowing the user to customize the algorithm behavior (which is often required for domain specific techniques).

Should you need any further information please contact us (
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