Hi !

The MFC examples use Redraw() to draw the scene graph, is there an easy way to add some extra stuff to be rendered in the OpenGL outside Open CASCADE data ?

If, for example I would like to display some kind of 3D widget in the OpenGL window, and in this case would it be possible to do picking on this object with for example OpenGL selection mode picking without disturbing Open CASCADE ?

I hope I explained this so that it make some kind of sense....


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Ok, the graphics output is nopt OpenGL dependant, this make it more difficult to include my own stuff in the image, would it be complicated to take over the Redraw() code and do that on my own ?

I have just poked around in the source a little bit yet, it's huge so I would be most grateful for any input on this subject.

If it is possible I would like to do the OpenGL rendering on my own, I am just not sure how complicated this would be.