Reg: OCCTProxy.dll not found

I am new to Opencascade. I have downloaded opencascade 6.7.0 & have build the entire library in visual studio 2010. All the library file are now built in 'C:\OpenCASCADE6.7.0\opencascade-6.7.0\win32\vc10\libd' folder. Besides this the win32 has also has vc9 folder which has built in libraries which comes with the windows installer.
Now I have rebuild-ed the CSharp solution of the samples folder. The compilation was successful without any error. When I executed the IE_Winforms, it opens the Sample Import/Export form. Now when I click the File-->New menu item it crashes & says "Could not load file or assembly OCCTProxy.dll".
Now again I tried to debug the program & found that in the constructor of Form2(), the line "myOCCTProxy = new OCCTProxy();" was giving error as it was not able to find OCCTProxy.dll.
Note: I have already added this DLL as a reference to this project & there was no compilation error. I am only getting a runtime error.
If somebody can help me I will be highly obliged. I am using Windows 7 ultimate SP1, Windows 32 architecture & Visual Studio 2010 SP1.


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Dear Tanmoy,

make sure your application "sees" all the necessary dlls: OCCT-stuff, TBB, FREEIMAGE, etc.

Probably some of the dependencies of OCCTProxy.dll cannot be found and that is why the application crashes.


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Hi Pawel,
Thanks for the response.I have cross checked this,& I have included evry libray. The problem I think is in the Form2 constuctor in the IE_Winform project where 'myOCCTProxy = new OCCTProxy();' is being called.

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Hi Pawel,
Again If I comment this line in the constructor of Form2 'myOCCTProxy = new OCCTProxy();', then I can step into code while dubugging this. Other wise it throws a FileNotFound excpetion from where From2 constructor was called which was posted & shown on my earlier message. The snaphot here shows that I can step into the Form2 constructor if this line is commented 'myOCCTProxy = new OCCTProxy();'. Although if I comment this, it will not work, but why is it so that whille uncommenting this particular line throughs the FileNotFoundError.
Please Help me in finding the solution. I am struggling to make it work.

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I am encountering the exact same error. Have you found a solution to this?

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Take a look at the link above. I've had a similar problem and the steps in the link helped med get rid of it

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Follow instructions in your link, but no results. Can you explain what's necessary to change in project settings? Spent two days with no result.

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Hi Tanmoy

I am facing the same error which u come up with

Have u find any solution for that?


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Have any solution for this?  "Year 2019"

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I'm facing the same error.... with vs2017 c#..

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Maybe this will help. I inspected dependency of the OCCTProy.dll .And found out i fogot to copy the sdk to my develop file..

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Any Solution on this?