Regarding Text Horizontal and Vertical Justification in OCC 6.5.3

I just upgrade my OCC from version 6.3 to OCC 6.5.3.

My Text horizontal and vertical justification are not working properly.
Text is displayed but it is too far from the given points.
Simple text insertion at certain point is working fine, but when i use Justification it goes far.
same code is working fine when i use OCC 6.3.
i am using class Prs3d_TextAspect.cxx
SetHorizontalJustification() and SetVerticalJustification() API

Please help to resolve this issue if anybody knows the reason of this problem.

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Dear Aditya,
I would like to inform you that starting from version OCCT6.5.3 OCCT OpenGl driver (OpenGl_GraphicDriver API class) has been sufficiently redesigned (see Visualization chapter (namely - Redesign of OpenGl driver) of OCCT Release Notes of ver.6.5.3). Take it, please into account.
At the same time OCCT development team welcomes everybody to test the new text renderer from OCCT GIT master branch.

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If aHeight is too small,like aHeight=10,the text will display damaged. It seems that the render of text will lose something if the text is too small. What can I do now ?