[Regression] in HLRBRep_InternalAlgo.cxx


the following variables in HLRBRep_InternalAlgo::HideSelected (lines 800-820 in OCCT 6.5.2):

Standard_Integer *Val = new Standard_Integer [nf+1];
Standard_Real *Size = new Standard_Real [nf+1];
Standard_Integer *Index = new Standard_Integer [nf+1];

are deleted (lines 918-920) the following way:

delete Val;
delete Size;
delete Index;

which I guess is wrong because the array delete operator should be used like in OCCT 6.5.1:

delete [] Val;
delete [] Size;
delete [] Index;


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it's not a regression... just differs from my (hacked) OCC 6.5.1 version.

Please consider it as a bug report.


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Dear Pawel,
As you probably know the website dedicated to contributors is now available: http://dev.opencascade.org.
We suggest you to make a contribution via the Collaborative portal.
For bugs registration Mantis bugtracker is available now.

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Hello Forum Supervisor,

I have expected that ;)

I will actively start using the dev portal as soon as the CLA paper is signed by the employer (which will probably happen soon).

Best regards

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