Regression on OCC: missing face issue, bad surface and bad volume

Hello dear community,

I'm facing an issue with the kernel of OCC.

To illustrate my issue I'm using CAD Assistant in the snapshots, but same regression could be observed with FreeCAD, PythonOCC...

If you open the attached STEP file in two version of CAD Assistant, in the more recent version, one face is missing, and then on this part volume and surface computation are KO.

cad_assistant_1.5.0_2020-12-28_win64 : version used for KO snapshot

cad_assistant_1.2_2018-10-30_win64 : version used for OK snapshot.

Do you have an idea on how to treat this part with the last versions of the kernel?

Healing of the step file?

Bug in the kernel?

Thanks for your attention,

Best regards

Guillaume STAMM

KO FaceOK Face

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adding some snapshots from FreeCAD