Relationship between CATIA EUCLID and CASCADE?

It seems like Matra Datavision maintains two different software, CATIA and EUCLID, and EUCLID is powered by OpenCASCADE, is there any relation between CATIA and OpenCASCADE? I visited Matra's web site, but there's little information about EUCLID, is EUCLID abandoned by Matra?

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Matra wrote the Euclid program, mostly in Fortran.

Catia V5 is a Dassault Systemes product written in C++.

While still maintaining Euclid and making new developnments on it, Matra wrote the Cascade libraries in C++ for a new range of products that included "Styler".

Styler was subsequently used by Dassault and absorbed into Catia V5.

Some CasCade libraries appear to be used by Euclid. Euclid is still supported and sold.

The part of Matra that wrote Euclid is now called MDTVision and is an IBM company.

The part of Matra that wrote CasCade appears to have been bought by Principia.

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Styler was not based on Cascade.
Styler was based on the Surface modeling package Strim 100, developed by Cisigraph and aquired by Matra.
A Few functions in Styler made use of Cascade, but it was 99% Fortran.
Cascade was used to make Euclid Machinist (which became CATIA Machinist and then mercifully died) and an aborted horrible monstrosity named Euclid Designer.
The development groups for Strim/Styler were largly sold to Dassault Systemes. ASAIK, none of the code from Styler or Machinist is used in CATIA V5.

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Don't offend Euclid Designer. I saw it, quite a pretty and friendly thing. It suffered from tangency problem, but didn't lose parametrics in its models like Catia V5 does till now. It was a matter of time to tune it, but Dassault payed a lot to stop the competitor.

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Hi, I know this is quite historical thread, but I'm desperately looking for someone to help. Our client provided us with *.xdb files and we've been told these data was created in Euclid3 software. Is there any way to translate these data to something like DWG, FBX, OBJ, MAX, VRML or something I can work with in Autodesk Maya? I was messing up with BRL-CAD but no success.. We would pay a lot for this translation, or at least, we'd appreciate any advice or hint. thanks, Tom