Remarkable CAD sketch app / OCC based / running on an iPad Pro

Istvan csanady has made an unbelievable smooth, good looking CAD modeller, running on an iPad Pro...

What I find impressive is the solid modeling that is topology driven ( grab a face, move it, select and edge, fillet it, draw over a face, subtract from it ) 

Really gives a great feeling of optimism to see this...

Congrats Istvan!


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Thank you Jelle. :)  So Jelle asked two questions in a mail, so I am going to answer them here:

- interactivity, you're not using the AIS based viewer? The update rate seems just very impressive, when performing modelling actions...

Visualization was the easiest part. No, we don't use AIS, mainly because by the time I started to work on Shapr, I was really happy finally make the modeling libs work on iOS, and it seemed to be easier to use GLKit for visualization than porting AIS to iOS as well. I could have been wrong but it worked out really well. On the update rate: the bottleneck is not the visualization, but rather the meshing. But the latest IncrementalMesh implementation is fast enough to achieve a real-time like update rate. We also "cheat" a lot with asynchronity and precalculations.

- I love the spaceclaim'ish / direct modeling style... have you develop any specific code to do so? Do you have a magic "MoveFace(solid, gp_Vec() )" method?

Of course we did :) But we don't have a magical MoveFace algorithm, and the operation you have seen is not move, but extrude+cut. Maybe we will have move later :) Actually our sketching and snapping algorithms required quite a lot of OCCT level hacking, and I am quite proud of them. 

If you have any more questions I would be happy to answer.

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Amazing job István! It is unbelievable how smooth the app looks!

További sok sikert :)